ATFA137 - Watercolor Basics

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ATFA137 - Watercolor Basics

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In this engaging workshop we will try out various watercolor techniques using different materials and sometimes surprising aids to help you find your own style.  We will explore how to harness the movement of water and pigment on paper, how to set the mood of a painting and choose the right colors and methods for the correct lighting and composition for a scene.  Students will practice each technique by painting subject matter of their choice from a photo or a studio set-up or still life to develop their skills.

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Heide Hallemeier is an experienced watercolorist who received her art education in Europe and has taught various aspects of art.  She is a signature member of the Rhode Island Watercolor Society, is active in many other art associations and has won numerous awards for her watercolor paintings.

  • 4 Thursdays, 1:00 - 4:00 p.m.

  • October 3, 10, 17, and 24


  • Please bring any supplies you have. If you need to purchase them, these are recommended

  • Some sheets or a block of 140 lb. watercolor paper, cold pressed is easiest to work on.

  • 4 brushes: flat wash brush 1-1/2” wide, smaller flat and 2 rounds (1 #12 or 14, 1 #7 or 8)

  • Some tubes of color: Windsor Newton Brand is a good quality.

  • Aurelian                Rose Madder        Cobalt Blue

  • Alizarin Crimson                                  Phthalo Blue        

  • Raw Sienna                                          Burnt Sienna

You’ll need a board and an object to prop it up on an angle, maybe a brick or a wedge, tape, a palette (or large porcelain plate), water container, paper towel or tissues, a small sketchpad, soft pencil (3 or 4 B) and a kneaded eraser. If you have an extra hair dryer, bring it. Good quality materials are a big help!