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Thank you!




From Our Acting Program Director,
Karen Charbonneau Zukas

Welcome to the maiden voyage of the Dartmouth Cultural Center!
I am so grateful to Enid Silva and Kathleen Del Sordo for envisioning the use of 404 Elm Street as a center for the Arts and Culture, forever changing the hearts of the community; for their political savvy, dedication and paper pushing, running about, meeting deadlines and doing all the administrative, heart, brain and grunt work to get her moving. An incredible number of community members believed in this vision and made generous donations to help underwrite out start-up costs. Our fledgling organization was blessed to have the generous gift of pro bono legal consulting from Tenney Lanz, Esq. I’m most grateful to Heather Stivison, who enabled us with her knowledge, expertise and guidance, to become this humble not for profit. Without her, we would not be where we are today. We are thankful to Jill Law for stepping up as President of the Board and for helping to do the legwork, mind work and for caring enough to safely guide this ship out of the fog and off the rocks in her gentle persistent way. We are grateful to all who are on the board for coming every Tuesday week after week after week to help shape and push this rock up the hill. Linda Barbosa, Kathy Del Sordo, Bob Hamilton, Sally Harrington, Jill Law, Pauline Lopes, Enid Silva, Pat Stringer, James Thomas, and Grace Wyss. Thanks to our multi-talented group of instructors and collaborators and for presenting the program to the community on paper and to the cyber world. Thank you to all the folks who worked with me, suggesting others and helping to find artists, writers, cooks, and movers and shakers. Together we have begun a good work.

Here’s to a long, bright and prosperous future for us all.
— Karen Charbonneau Zukas