GFSU166 - Xeriscaping - Water Conscious Gardening


GFSU166 - Xeriscaping - Water Conscious Gardening

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Xeriscaping gardening and landscaping is a smart and conservative approach to growing.  Xeri in Greek means “dry”, originally designed to be used for areas of drought.  However, it is certainly not limited to cacti and succulents.  It can and should be practiced anywhere water conservation is desired. Xeriscaping encourages and enables gardeners in any climate to use a wide variety of attractive trees, bushes, shrubs, ground covers, plants and flowers.  It is designed to save you money and save your plants from drying out. A wide variety of information will be provided included how to properly group and organize plantings while avoiding inappropriate plants for our climate.

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Instructor Bio

Elayne Santos has been a member of The Greater New Bedford Garden Club for almost 40 years, as well as serving as president for three consecutive years. For 41 years she has been a Professional Dog Groomer, working out of her home. She is currently serving as chairman for the program committee.  Elayne has served on the board of the Garden Club Federation of Massachusetts, as a member of the Environmental Committee. Through the GCFMA, she is a certified Gardening Consultant, an Environmental Consultant, and a Landscape Design Consultant.  Her own yard is recognized and registered as a Backyard Wildlife Habitat by the National Wildlife Federation.  She has presented programs on Backyard Wildlife Habitats, Pruning and Xeriscaping. 

Her areas of interests have always been earth-based, including hiking, gardening, vacationing and learning how to understand and support nature.


  • Friday, August 2, 1:00 - 2:00 p.m.