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The best way to learn to make Risotto is to watch it being made.  Learn the subtlties of this rich and lucious dish founded within the finest institution of northern Italian cuisine. Both traditional and modern chefs alike compete to master this desired, versatile and much appreciated dish.  First, we’ll learn the basic ingredients and techniques to getting it right, which will then allow you, limited only by your imagination, to meander among the possibilities of veggie, light meat and seafood additions to create memorable combinations to share with your loved ones.  Come along and discover the secrets of this simple yet complex dish.  We will focus on alla zaferano, butternut squash and seafood as well as the perfect veggie combinations.  With Risotto, they’ll always be coming back for more. 

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Viorica Vallery is a self-trained pastry chef.  Growing up in Italy, and experiencing all of Europe’s finest cuisines, Viorica was raised cooking and baking alongside her Italian grandmother, the real “master” chef in her life.  These skills have remained an important part of Vitoria’s life, so keeping her family recipes alive is a way of honoring her roots. Her cooking concepts are based on healthy, natural and carefully sourced, primarily organic ingredients. Taste and balance, simplicity and elegance, characterize her food.  Ready to share her experiences and knowledge of this high-quality culinary style, she hopes to guide you through the delicious labyrinth of skillful techniques and recipes, as she takes you on a European tour of delicacies.

Note: This class meets at the parish house behind St Mary’s Church in Dartmouth. The entrance is on the left. Parking is available in the lot.

  • Wednesday, March 6, 6 - 9 p.m.

  • $15 food fee paid to the instructor at the beginning of class.