Dedicated to preserving the legacy of a community treasure
through restoration, education, and arts.

“Old buildings are not ours. They belong partly to those who build them, and partly to the generations of mankind who are to follow us. The dead still have their right in them, that which they led...we have no right to obliterate.”
— John Ruskin

Old Southworth Library has been a treasured feature of the historic village of Padanaram since John Haywood Southworth donated the building for public use in 1890.  Countless children and adults found its charming, book-lined interior to be a haven, providing culture, education, and entertainment. Even as the library expanded to a new location, Old Southworth Library continued its legacy of serving the public. Times have changed since 1890, but our need for a sense of place in our hometown remains strong.

Dartmouth Cultural Center seeks to preserve this community asset, now threatened by a plan to sell the building for private use. We aim to protect this place from such an inappropriate change. With your help, we are preparing to lease the building from the town of Dartmouth--just as other civic groups have done in the past. Our goal is to preserve the building, maintain its long legacy as a public resource, and use it as a neighborhood community center for the arts. The Dartmouth Cultural Center is preparing to offer local residents an opportunity to enjoy small workshops, take classes, hear occasional lectures, and watch demonstrations, in an inviting intimate setting. Local artists, artisans, and historians will have opportunities to present these programs and to display their work, thereby enriching the quality of life for local residents.


Explore our first selection of classes and programs:

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Our fall schedule of classes and workshops is on-line today. You'll be surprised at the wide range of classes and workshops, from Wreath Making, to Yoga, to Poetry, to Portrait Painting, there's something for everyone!

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